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Gori Julian & Associates donates $100,000 to Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities

posted Jan 18 2017 11:34 AM


EDWARDSVILLE - Gori Julian & Associates announced a $100,000 donation on Thursday for Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Initiative’s “Conversation Toward a Bright Future” endeavor.

More than 200 middle school and high school students from 23 schools in Madison County, Ill., are participating in the discussion and action-based project.

“Conversation Toward a Brighter Future" is occurring as a solution to the negative discourse that is taking place across the country among national leaders. This program will rely on the future leaders of this nation, youth, to begin the conversation toward ways to make the country better in an increasingly polarized environment.

Randy Gori, founding partner at Gori Julian & Associates, said: “We are happy to support this initiative that encourages our youth to ‘think outside of the box’ and consider how we must treat each other to exist and thrive as a society. The mission of the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities is important work, so we encourage others to do what they can to keep conversations like this one ongoing.

Dr. (Ed) Hightower has been fantastic to us and when we decided to do this I read the mission statement of the Mannie Jackson Center and decided we are going to have to help and assist this in whatever way we could. It will help youth identify issues going on in the world and throughout the country and how we can solve those problems. it will give the kids some hope to succeed in life, fulfill their dreams and make the world a better place.”

Dr. Ed Hightower was interviewed at the event and he said: “Mr. Gori and his firm has demonstrated for a long time a commitment to the youth of Madison County and has been a personal friend of mine for a number of years. Randy and his wife, Beth, care about the youth and his commitment is very evident. He not only writes checks, but his commitment and involvement through volunteerism and his presence with his wife and firm shows they are just wonderful stewards of this area.”

The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities (MJCHF), Lewis and Clark Community College and partnering Regional Superintendent of Schools for Madison County are working with area schools in support of this mission. Participants are now working in school teams to identify and research issues and create a plan that yields positive results and measurable outcomes that can be replicated by other schools and communities. Additionally, local students have the the opportunity to earn up to $5,000 to fund a two-year research project of their creation.

Sara Salger, a partner with Gori Julian, said she had worked with the Gori firm for over 13 years and now in the partner role is learning the impact the firm has had in the region with its charitable and humanitarian efforts. She became a partner in May 2016.

“I went to school at Roxana High School and it is great to see Mr. Gori giving back to the community I grew up in,” she said. “What I love about the center is it hits on the areas the school’s don’t always have funding for - the arts and humanities. These are getting cut in schools and the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities fills in places like this that are extremely important for youth.”

Salger said while the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities is only in its second year it has already had a huge impact on the area.

“The building here is being utilized for things in the community that people need to pay attention to and get involved with,” she said. “People need to pay attention to this and get involved. The future of this group is very promising. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.”

People can learn more about the countywide project by visiting the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities website at

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