How do we define the humanities? Humanities are the study of societal problems facing humans with a focus on solutions, using our diverse heritage, traditions, and history and how people process real life experiences,
circumstances, conditions, and offer perspective and theory.
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Mannie Jackson

"I have faced many societal challenges during my life. The formation of this center resulted in programs that give people a better understanding of societal differences and how we should embrace those differences. Without that understanding, people throughout the world will continue to have conflicts with other cultures."

- Mannie Jackson, Donor and President of the MJCHF

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mission statement

To create communities that embrace respect, dignity, understanding and forgiveness among people of different cultures, races, and religion. Activities are conducted and aimed at finding solutions to social and human problems such as poverty, energy and water needs, and educational inequities.

Message from the Executive Director

Dr. Ed Hightower, Executive Director

Dear MJCHF Supporters,

We continue to see excitement occurring on a daily basis at the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities (MJCH®). In less than two years, the center has hosted more than 4,000 visitors at our many events. The mission of MJCH is to remove barriers that hinder individuals and groups from realizing their aspirations and full potential.

The engagement of our youth is occurring at all ages and involving all Madison County schools in various ways. The partnership with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), Office of the Madison County Regional Superintendent, and Lewis and Clark Community College is vibrant!
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Engage with us to learn more about our vision and progress, and get involved by sharing your ideas or supporting our efforts through partnerships and donations.

Board of Directors

News and Events

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Center for STEM Research, Education and Outreach and the Madison County Housing Authority (MCHA) in an initiative to educate and inspire young females through STEM-related lessons. The goal of this partnership is to prepare young females throug...
We are pleased to share in the excitement about the success of the Alton Math Games League and their national championship title. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville College of Arts and Sciences Dean Greg Budzban led the league, believing that gamifying mathematics will engage young learners and foster an interest in the subject of math. ...
The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities is honored to announce that its director and president, Mannie Jackson was recently inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Jackson was directly chosen as a Class of 2017 Hall of Fame member for his work on the Contributor Committee, a distinguished committee that focuses on prese...
EDWARDSVILLE – Student athletes from around the area received unique and valuable advice from the legendary basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Thursday afternoon at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Following a press conference and before he headed into the fundraising event held by The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities in t...
Brittany Johnson | The Telegraph GRANITE CITY — From football to space travel, one dreamer shared his story with area high school students Wednesday on reaching for the stars despite life’s challenges. Hundreds of students from Granite City, Madison and Venice high schools filled the Granite City High Auditorium, 3101 Madison Ave., an...
GRANITE CITY – Leland Melvin has traveled many roads in his life. One road could have led to the National Football League. Another road did lead him to NASA. Melvin, a former astronaut who flew on two missions on Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2008 and 2009, spoke to a gathering of students from Granite City, Madison and Venice high schools Wedn...
On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the MJCHF will partner with the Regional Superintendent of Education, SIUE, and Lewis & Clark Community College to host former NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin, who flew on two Space Shuttle missions. Mr. Melvin will speak to more than 600 students from Granite City, Madison, and Venice high schools. The prog...
EDWARDSVILLE - Gori Julian & Associates announced a $100,000 donation on Thursday for Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities Initiative’s “Conversation Toward a Bright Future” endeavor. More than 200 middle school and high school students from 23 schools in Madison County, Ill., are participating in the dis...
GODFREY – The Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities (MJCH) announced its new Global Research Initiative at its inaugural fundraiser dinner, featuring keynote speaker Gen. Colin Powell, on Thursday.  The MJCH is currently in the process of assembling world class scholars with expertise in content and research methodologies enabling th...

Facility Rental

With three conference rooms ranging in size from 60 to 140 people and full service catering available, the MJCH is a great venue for your event, gathering or program. Fill out the form and we will reach out to you.



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